GDC: Day 2, MDA presentation

Putting the pieces together: The MDA FrameworkDay 2 of GDC is over. This was the day of my MDA workshop with Robin Hunicke, Ethan Kennerly and Ben Smith. For a presentation that we kind of (ahem) put together at the last minute, it all went surprisingly well. (more…)

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MDA: Aesthetic dissonance

A popular piece of advice for creative writers is “Show, don’t tell.“. By this it is meant that the story should be conveyed by the characters actions and not by narrative exposition. I wouldn’t be the first one to extend this to games. What sets game design apart from other arts is that the experience emerges from the interaction between the player(s) and the game. The MDA model attempts to codify this by saying that the Mechanics (rules) create the Dynamics (play) which give rise to the Aesthetics (fun). It is for this reason that a game must be played to be appreciated. The aesthetics of a game cannot be realised by mere observation of the rules.

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