GDC Day 3

Things have been a bit of a blur, so I’ll just mention a couple of the highlights of day 3 of GDC. Wednesday morning I slept late, after staying up all hours at the IGDA party. When I did [...]

GDC: Day 2 continued

After our presentation, the rest of the day for me consisted of the IGDA ‘working lunch’ for academics and industry people, followed by Jesse Schells talk about his book and finishing [...]

GDC: Day 1

Yesterday and today I attended the pre-conference workshops at GDC. I’ve mostly been attending the Education Summit (at which I presented) but I also took the chance to hear some other [...]

GDC Education Summit

Every year I like to try to turn my experiences in running my game design subject into some kind of conference paper. I find it useful to reflect on my teaching processes and game design is such [...]