Games: The Road (2015)

The Road is a cooperative table-top card game set in post-apocalyptic outback Australia. It is an exercise in narrative creation through game mechanics. Every game of The Road tells its own unique story based not on any script, but on the desperation of the players and the things they find [...]

Games: Möbius (2012)

Möbius was written in 48 hours as an entry for Game Jam Sydney 2012. The game depicts this theme by having the player fly through an Möbius-strip-shaped asteroid field gathering minerals. Every 30 seconds the game returns to the start of the field (flipped left-to-right) and a copy of the [...]

Games: Beachcomber (2011)

Beachcomber is a audio-based game designed for visually impaired children. It presents a realistic beach soundscape and challenges players to navigate and find buried treasures using a metal detector. It was play-tested with children from the Royal Blind Society and Guide Dogs Australia and [...]

Games: Slurp (2010)

Slurp was developed with the UNSW School of Optometry as a hand-eye coordination game for testing children with amblyopia. The object of the game is to trace along the straw from the milkshake, drawing the drink through as quickly as possible without making mistakes. A variety of levels were [...]

Books: Pleasures of Small Motions

Pleasures of Small Motions: Mastering the Mental Game of Pocket Billiards, by Bob Fancher Ph.D. Bob Fancher is an avid pool player and a columnist on all things billiards for the Washington Post. He is also a trained philosophy and psychotherapist. In this short book he brings his expertise in [...]

101 Things I Learned in Game Design?

I recently received a copy of 101 Things I Learned in Film School as a gift from one of my students, having already expressed my enthusiasm for 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School. I really like these little books; they condense a lot of wisdom into a number of key insights. Clearly [...]

Saving the Date Me: So, I did it. Felicia: What? Me: I quit the game, like you said. Felicia: Are you sure? Then why am I still here? Me: I’m writing my own ending. Felicia: Oh? How does it turn out? Me: I’m not sure, I haven’t thought that far ahead. [...]

Narrative-driven Design

In designing my zombie-survival card game, The Road, recently I’ve taken an approach to design that I haven’t really seen discussed before. I’m calling it “narrative-driven” design. The idea is that you choose a particular set of narratives that you want to see [...]

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