Experimental Game Design is a new unit for Macquarie University MRes students that can be taken as a special topics unit (COMP791 Research Topic in Computing 1). It is open to students of any discipline, but assumes that you have an existing background in game design and development (such as the undergraduate Bachelor of Information Technology – Games Design and Development or the Interactivity and Games major within the Bachelor of Arts).

The unit will look into advanced topics in game design and development.  It will run as a weekly reading group. Students will be assigned readings to prepare each week for discussion. Topics will vary depending on the interests of the students, but will focus on pushing the boundaries of games in terms of content, design, interface and technology.

Alongside the reading group will be a major project, which may be conducted individually or in small groups. The project will involve the design and development of an experimental game which innovates on status quo in some facet of the design. Students will pitch their projects to the class in week 3 and present regular milestone updates throughout the session. The projects will be marked based on a report at the end of session.

How your game innovates is up to you, but could include:

  • Innovative content: making a game that addresses a topic not previously explored by games
  • Innovative interface: making a game that uses a novel interface device such a the Myo armband or the Tobii EyeX eye tracker
  • Innovative medium: a game that mixes digital and non-digital media in unusual ways
  • Innovative gameplay: a game that explores novel mechanics (q.v. the Experimental Gameplay Project)
  • Innovative technology: a game that utilises novel AI, graphics or networking algorithms.

Your exact topic is open to negotiation with your lecturer.

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