Games as Hill-climbing

Yesterday I read Brett Gilbert’s article Why Everything Not Forbidden is Compulsory and it helped me crystalise an idea I’ve had for a while. As Brett explains, there are always a [...]

Means and Ends

I’ve just read the Project Horseshoe report on Creating Ethical Dilemmas in Games and thinking about Kantian ethics and computer games. Now I don’t know a lot about Kant, but I [...]

Beer and Wine

I like wine. Good red wines in particular. I developed the taste at an early age, encouraged by my parents and many of my friends are also wine drinkers. It is a matter for respect among my peers [...]

Games and Food

As a final assignment for my game design class I had the students write an essay on a serious social topic connected to gaming. Many of them chose to write about game addiction, so I have been [...]

The Big Triangle

I’m currently preparating a lecture for a class on “Sensation” aesthetics for game design (i.e. the ways in which games evoke sense-pleasure through images, music and movement). [...]

Analog vs Digital

I’ve been thinking recently about the difference between the analog and the digital, in particular with reference to musical instruments. It seems to me that digital devices often lack a [...]