System and method for creating exalted video games and virtual realities wherein ideas have consequences.

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All of us who have been struggling to work out how to make meaningful games and interactive narratives can rest easy. The problem has been solved.

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Elliot McGucken has applied for a patent for a system which, in his words, is:

A video game method and system for creating games where ideas have consequences, incorporating branching paths that correspond to a player’s choices, wherein paths correspond to decisions founded upon ideals, resulting in exalted games with deeper soul and story, enhanced characters and meanings, and exalted gameplay. The classical hero’s journey may be rendered, as the journey hinges on choices pivoting on classical ideals. Ideas that are rendered in word and deed will have consequences in the gameworld. Historical events such as The American Revolution may be brought to life, as players listen to famous speeches and choose sides. As great works of literature and dramatic art center around characters rendering ideals real, both internally and externally, in word and deed, in love and war, the present invention will afford video games that exalt the classical soul, as well as the great books, classics, and epic films—past, present, and future.

More detail (much more detail) can be found on his website for the Hero’s Journey Entrepreneurship Festival.

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  • Simon Ferrari

    Oh man we had so much fun with this on Twitter today! The best part is where he tries to patent the Hero Journey toward the end. He puts every step in Campbell’s description in a bubble and then draws these circuits as if it were an actual technical manual.

  • Erik Hanson

    Now I want to know what series of links connect this to yesterday’s Twitter conversation.

  • Malcolm

    Will the people who keep posting long spammy emails about how wonderful this idea is please stop it. I’m not going to market your ridiculous ideas for you.

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