GDC Education Summit

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IGDA @ GDCEvery year I like to try to turn my experiences in running my game design subject into some kind of conference paper. I find it useful to reflect on my teaching processes and game design is such a young discipline, I think it is very valuable for us academics to discuss the different ways of teaching it.

When I heard that there was going to be an Education Summit at this year’s GDC, I approached Susan Gold, the organiser, about the possibility of giving a short presentation. She told me that they weren’t planning to hold a papers session, but instead invited me to run a two hour workshop instead.

I was rather overwhelmed by the idea. It’s one thing to talk for 20 minutes about “what I did at school this year”. It’s another thing to run a workshop telling other educators how to teach their classes. But with Susan’s persuasiveness and Robin Hunicke‘s agreement to back me up, I agreed to run a short tutorial on MDA.

I now wonder what I have l got myself into. The full program has been released and all the other presenters are big names — the kind of people who write the textbooks, not review them. And there my name somewhere near the middle.

Oh, and I see now that there is going to be a poster session. Had I been told that at the beginning, I might never have got into this. Too late now. Wish me luck.

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  • Corvus

    I hope to make it to this session (we’ll have to see what my schedule is like). I’m a big fan of the MDA and would love to hear more about it from its source.

  • Malcolm

    I presume you mean Robin, not me. I’m a second-generation MDA person.

    I think the plan currently is that I will do most of the running, since Robin is also involved in the Game Design Workshop. Marc LeBlanc will be running that workshop and will probably also be talking about MDA at that venue, if it is more convenient for you. (Not that I want to discourage anyone from attending my session!)

  • Corvus

    I know I won’t have time for the Workshop. Plus, I just like supporting people speaking for the first time. In my experience, it’s always a relief to know there’s at least one person wishing you the best in the audience.

  • Corvus

    Not that you’ve never spoken before… or that I’ve had that experience at GDC.

    I think I’ll just shut up now. *kniw*

  • Goldfile

    haha – trust me, you’ll have a great time

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