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Hi. Welcome to Words on Play.

I’m starting this blog to put down my thoughts on games and interactive narrative. I realise I’m rather a late-comer to the whole blogging thing. Up until now, two things have been holding me back:

  1. I didn’t think I had anything interesting to say. (I know this doesn’t stop a lot of bloggers, but still)
  2. I couldn’t think of a really catchy title (maybe this should be #1)

But having taught my Game Design Workshop class a couple of times now, and getting more involved in interactive narrative research I’ve found that perhaps there are a few things I would like to write for a larger audience. In particular, I have a large shelf of books on games and storytelling. If I can’t say anything of my own, at least I could catalogue and review the ideas of other people. So I set myself a project: to read and review one book a week. That should give me material for quite some time.

So #1 was sorted. #2 was still a problem.

Naturally a blog has to have a clever and catchy title. Some kind of play on words is always good. But there are so many games blogs, all the good titles are taken! Heck even the boring ones are taken (Er, titles that is, not blogs. No offence Brenda and Ian).

So I wracked my brains to thing of a clever play on words that had something to do with games and stories. Hrmm.

Nope, nothing comes to mind. Oh well.

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