Workshop: Morality Play 2017

Call for Papers Morality Play The Design of Games for Moral Engagement Workshop at DiGRA 2017 – July 3 2017 After the success of the Morality Play workshop in 2016, we would like to announce a follow-up workshop for DiGRA 2017. Questions of morality are a [...]

Games: Rift Snake (2015)

Rift Snake is a reimplementation of the classic Snake game for the Oculus Rift. It is part of an research project with the School of Optometry at the University of New South Wales investigating the use of the Rift to treat amblyopia (lazy-eye). In a twist on the usual Snake game, the coins need [...]

Games: The Road (2015)

The Road is a cooperative table-top card game set in post-apocalyptic outback Australia. It is an exercise in narrative creation through game mechanics. Every game of The Road tells its own unique story based not on any script, but on the desperation of the players and the things they find [...]

Games: Möbius (2012)

Möbius was written in 48 hours as an entry for Game Jam Sydney 2012. The game depicts this theme by having the player fly through an Möbius-strip-shaped asteroid field gathering minerals. Every 30 seconds the game returns to the start of the field (flipped left-to-right) and a copy of the [...]

Games: Beachcomber (2011)

Beachcomber is a audio-based game designed for visually impaired children. It presents a realistic beach soundscape and challenges players to navigate and find buried treasures using a metal detector. It was play-tested with children from the Royal Blind Society and Guide Dogs Australia and [...]

Games: Slurp (2010)

Slurp was developed with the UNSW School of Optometry as a hand-eye coordination game for testing children with amblyopia. The object of the game is to trace along the straw from the milkshake, drawing the drink through as quickly as possible without making mistakes. A variety of levels were [...]

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